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With face masks becoming an everyday requirement, women also need to rethink the way they make themselves up. The focus will be on the eyes moving forward, and on the bright side, this also means less time to spend getting ready for work!

The pandemic has made an impact on the beauty industry and consumer behavior when it comes to cosmetics. In China, COVID-19 and the mandatory use of face masks led to the skyrocketing sales of eye makeup products—particularly foreign brands—starting in the first quarter of 2020. In India, lipsticks have taken a hit and were replaced by lip balms amid the national lockdown. In South Korea, there has been an increase in demand for smear-proof products and those that are gentler on the skin. It is also expected to be the case in the Philippines, as everyone will have half of their faces covered even at work, and as social events continue to be banned.

It’s time to practice perfecting that feline flick and those brushed-up brows, as it seems like we’ll be heavily relying on eye shadows, eyeliners, brow products, and mascaras like never before. Here are some beauty tips to help you stay confident and make your peepers stand out:

1. Use an eye primer

This time, there’s no excuse for having smudged eye makeup. Make sure your product stays put and full all day by using an eye primer before anything else.

2. Pick the right product formula for your skin type

Choosing which product to use is a combination of different factors: skin type, skin age, and application knowledge. Cream products are great for starters because of their blendable formula—just sweep the product as close to your lash line and over your lids, and blend outwards using your fingertip.

However, cream formulas work best on dry to normal skin, but is tricky to use on oily lids and aging skin (cream products tend to build up and highlight lines). For longer wear, add a layer of powder on top of your cream shadow.

Invest in a good eye shadow palette for a variety of looks. Pick one with a combination of matte and shimmery formulas, and with fail-safe neutral colors you can use on their own or as definition. Keep colors fun, as they are always great to spice up your everyday look.

3. Go for waterproof

Raccoon eyes are always a no-no, more so these days. For your eyeliner, use one that won’t smudge or budge. Liquid liners are always a good option, especially in achieving a feline flick. Apply them on their own or on top of a pencil formula for added definition.

For your mascara, try using a primer and a waterproof formula that’s lengthening and volumizing at the same time. Start by coating the base—the part that’s closest to your lash line—and wiggle the wand upwards to lengthen your lashes. Avoid putting too much product at the tips to avoid weighing down the lashes and to maintain the curl.

4. Fill in your brows

Brows frame your face, and remember: The stronger your eye makeup, the fuller your brows should be. Go for a formula you’re comfortable using, whether that’s powder, pencil, liquid, or a stick. Start by drawing hair-like strokes, and don’t forget to blend and brush your brows up with a brow gel.

5. Care for your under-eye

Puffy eyes or dark circles? Make sure they’re kept hidden with eye creams, or by putting on an eye patch before applying makeup for a fresh, looks-like-I’ve-slept-for-eight-hours pair of eyes. Put on a brightening concealer and finish off with loose powder.

6.  Wear statement frames

This may not be a beauty tip, but since we’re talking about eyes, having a good pair of specs is equally important. Still scared to go to the mall? Worry not, there are eyewear stores that now offer online delivery!


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