Celebrate Easter with a feast, Chinese style


After a week of abstinence during the Holy Week, you can look forward to celebrating Easter at Canton Road, Shangri-La at The Fort. Try their Easter Holiday specials with family and friends as they roll out their new menu with 32 new dishes that will surely satisfy the most discriminating palate. Of course, theyve kept their best sellers that make their A-list clientele keep coming back for more. 

During a dinner preview, Asian Dragon was treated to an array of mouthwatering gastronomic delights with Cantonese dishes and some regional fare from Hokkien, Szechuan, Huaiayang, and a bit of fusion cuisine.  A wide range of flavors and textures using the freshest ingredients will surely titillate the palate of Chinese food lovers and connoisseurs, and heighten the overall dining experience.  Even the teas are given the respect it deserves as the best Chinese meal must be accompanied by the best teas.

 The feast started with Huaiyang appetizer combinations:

Bean curd dried shrimp salad
Poached free range chicken with sea conch in wasabi oil
Chilled cherry tomato infused in osmanthus sauce
Jasmine Blossoms hot tea was also served to guests

Served next were the main dishes:

Salted Australian beef tongue, pine mushroom and celery with bourbon which makes it a bit of a fusion Cantonese style dish.
Crispy stuffed crab claw with hibiscus sauce
Dried seafood and pork belly lotus leaves rice – a luxurious way  to end the meal9
Shrimp paste marinated fried pork ribs with assorted fruit salad XO. Kids and adults will surely love the flavour and texture of this dish.
Soy glazed stir fried prawns and red tea leaves
Stir fried surf clams, lily bulb and snow peas in XO sauce
Szechuan wok tossed pork knuckles with spicy crispy garlic. This would make a great appetiser or bar chow.
Wok fried celery and pine mushroom in vegetarian XO sauce
L-R: Edwin Loh (Executive Sous Chef), Joris Rycken (Executive Chef), Wang Wei Qing (Canton Road Chef), Enah Baba (Communications Executive), and Simon Cote (EAM Food & Beverage)

Canton Road is offering a special dim sum menu at P2,000 per nett for a minimum of 3 persons. You can also choose other sets, such as the Gold set at P26,000, the Diamond set at P29,000, and the Platinum set at P32,000, all of which are good for 10 persons. Canton Road rolled out their new menu this April so try it—you’ll love it!

Canton Road is located at 2nd Level, Shangri-La at the Fort, 30th St. cor. 5th Ave, BGC, Taguig

For further information, visit www.cantonroad-fort.com.


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