This is not your average buffet: A sosy feast for meat lovers

Boneless Pork Knuckle (Crispy Pata) with foie gras and pineapple salsa

Are you a meat lover or one who looks for an exciting twist to what you eat?

Cucina’s new specialty dishes (clockwise from left): Boneless Pork Knuckle, Braised Beef Roulade, and Surf and Turf Blanket

Cucina offers a new line-up of signature dishes that will surely surprise your palate. First off is a sophisticated and hearty version of the classic Crispy Pata (deep fried pork knuckle), with a tropical pineapple salsa and foie gras center. Crispy on the outside yet tender and juicy on the inside, this dish is one to indulge in as its mix of flavors will make you want to go for another round.

Braised Beef Roulade

Thinking whether you should stuff on meat or seafood? Why not have both at the same time? Cucina’s Braised Beef Roulade is stuffed with cream cheese, shrimp, fish, and shellfish meat for a satisfying mix of texture and flavors complemented by a rich, creamy and savory sauce. Also try their Surf and Turf Blanket—salmon, minced beef, and sundried tomato enveloped in a flaky pastry crust.

Surf and Turf Blanket

But of course, three dishes are not enough! Make the most of your dining experience and have a taste of Cucina’s well-curated continental spread. Fresh seafood (don’t miss out on the curacha, which is rare these days), specially prepared pasta and noodles, cheeses and cold cuts, fresh raw catch for your Japanese food cravings, meat carvings, sinful desserts and more await diners.

Seafood station

Japanese station
Cucina’s seafood paella is a favorite among its diners

They say skip on carbs, especially rice, in buffets. Make your trip to Cucina an exception, as their famous seafood paella is a must-try!

Freshly prepared pasta
Complete your dining experience with these delectable confections. Don’t miss out on their homemade ice cream!
Sweet temptation: Marco Polo Ortigas Manila’s new signature all-chocolate confection, the Chocolate Haven
Signature Earl Grape Iced Tea

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Cucina is located at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila. For inquiries and reservations, contact (02) 720-777 or book online via or e-mail



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