HOW-TO: Bold yet natural-looking brows


By Chesca de la Cruz

I love a bold pair of brows—one thing I can’t miss when I do my makeup. Whether I’m sporting a ‘no makeup’ makeup look or a full ‘do, I always make sure my brows are, as they say, on fleek. Although I like my brows bold, I do prefer a more natural-looking pair over heavily-done brows wherein products are laid on too thick.

I always get questions on how to do brow makeup. The first and most important thing to remember is try to have a light hand when drawing or applying your brow products. It’s always easier to add and darken your brows than to soften and lighten them. Don’t forget to draw an outline as your starting point and guide. Afterwards, focus on doing short hair-like strokes when filling in your brows—like drawing hair on sparse areas.

Most brows are naturally uneven. Although putting on makeup helps to make your arches symmetric, it’s okay if they have slight differences. Remember, “Eyebrows are sisters, not twins.”

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro,—or just a makeup junkie like me—here are 3 easy steps on how you can do your own brows every day as advised and demonstrated by makeup artist Muriel Vega-Perez.

Watch the full tutorial below. Hope this video helps!

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