Pieces from Azucar by Arleen Sipat-Sutton take the spotlight


Arleen Sipat-Sutton’s brainchild Azucar has been around for almost a decade. Now, the underrated brand and designer are ready to take the spotlight.

Going down the runway are gowns that are long, flowing, and full of body, hugging all the right curves and billowing elegantly with every step. Beads, crystals, embroidery, and appliqués are perfectly sewn on every bodice, every skirt, and every neckline—everything carefully thought out and in place to produce a collection that speaks of class, femininity, and elegance. This is the kind of collection that Arleen Sipat-Sutton will create for Azucar, a made-to-order and ready-to-wear fashion line for evening and smart daywear.

Azucar goes back to 2006, when Arleen thought about setting up a business. “Initially, I thought about setting up a travel business. This was influenced by the fact that I worked for a travel agency for several years prior to 2006,” Arleen says. “Then I thought, fashion is much more exciting. It was also a natural choice for me, since my mother has been in the bridal gown business for many years, creating gowns for local and international clients.”

Maybe it was serendipity that in 2007, Arleen took over a store space in Greenbelt 5. Taking into consideration the feel of the surrounding stores and the kind of market the mall caters to, she thought of creating a fashion line that embodied elegance and sophistication. Thus, Azucar was born.

Azucar would be her first fashion line, an assortment of garments for the modern and elegant Filipina. When she got the concept part figured out, she went on to find a name that would represent her brand.

Asian Dragon - Azucar - Sheer ‘serpentina’ dress with lace and crystals
Sheer ‘serpentina’ dress with lace and crystals
Asian Dragon - Azucar - Two-tone tulle dress with lace appliqués
Two-tone tulle dress with lace appliqués

“I wanted a name that was relevant to the Philippines and, at the same time, could reflect the foreign influences in my work,” Arleen says. The Filipino culture has strong links to Spanish culture, since the country has been colonized for more than 300 years. This is why Arleen thought of Azucar, the Spanish word for sugar.

Read more about what Arleen Sipat-Sutton is cooking for Azucar and take a peak at some of her designs inside Asian Dragon Magazine’s June-July issue. Grab your copy from all leading bookstores nationwide or purchase the issue from the Asian Dragon Magazine App, free to download on Google Play Store, iTunes, and Amazon.

Azucar is located at 2/L Filipino Zone, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City. For custom orders, contact Arleen Sipat-Sutton at (0917) 851-3184.

[Photographs: Mau Aguasin; Styling: Luis Espiritu Jr.; Makeup: Baba Parma; Hairstyle: Jane Casimina]



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