Cake is Coming: Bakeshop gives out promised 5-million worth of cake


Do you recall last year when a bakery in Tomas Morato went viral on social media because of its promise to give out 5-million pesos worth of cakes if President Duterte won in the 2016 elections?

Asian Dragon - Jack Labang's dare (courtesy of Jimbo de Panadero)
Jack Labang’s dare (via Jimbo de Panadero’s Facebook)

Well, we never forget bets. In November last year, Jack Labang, a pastry chef from Quim’s cake, promised to give out 5-million pesos worth of cakes as a challenge to President Duterte’s supporters. When it started, it was merely a criticism against the president for being indecisive about running for the post (the said post has since been taken down). Labang did not anticipate that he will have to eat his words.

When Duterte emerged victorious from the 2016 elections, of the course, the people clamored for their free cakes. And in all fairness to Labang, as early as May 10, he conceded and declared that he will honor his promise and push through with the giving out of the free cakes. To avoid unneeded problems and the possibility, even, of a stampede, he laid out a schedule and the people were requested to register to get a slot for the free cake.

Asian Dragon - Quim's cake honors their promise to give out free cakes
Quim’s cake honors their promise to give out free cakes

Today, Aksyon TV reports that Quim’s Cake started giving out the first 100 cakes to the first 100 registrants. Mon Gualvez visits Labang before the bakery started giving out the free cakes. He finds out that the free cakes that will be given out by Quim’s Cake will be their bestseller chocolate cake, which retails for P110 per slice.

As of date, according to Labang, already 8 million people have already registered for the free cakes so the registration is already closed. Those who have registered and have received their schedule from Quim’s cake will have to come on the date they are requested to come or else their free cake is forfeited. The uncollected cakes will be distributed to street children.

The whole thing has become quite a fanfare, with a number of stations already visiting the much-talked about bakery. Labang also said there are uniforms and barangay officials posted on their store during the cake-giving window to make sure everything runs smoothly.

A total of 100 cakes have been distributed today from 3 to 5 pm.

[Featured image courtesy of Federico Cruz/Manila Bulletin]


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