Jerksilog Anyone? A last hurrah (for now) at Edsa Shangri-La’s Summer Palace


Have you tried fresh Beef Jerky? And by fresh we mean something that’s freshly prepared and cooked, not something that comes out from vacuum-packed packaging, smelling like last week’s lunch. You’ll be surprised where we found our most recent Beef Jerky favorite—not in some fancy American surplus store or international supermarket, but right inside a 22-year-old Chinese restaurant that has been delighting palates for years.

Edsa Shangri-La’s Summer Palace has been one of the go-to restaurants of those who seek authentic and top-quality Chinese cuisine. It has been an iconic host to a myriad of Chinese celebrations, from birthdays and anniversaries, to ting hun (engagement) and wedding receptions. We were able to get a taste of their myriad offerings and if there’s one thing you must absolutely try, that is to dine at Summer Palace, Jerksilog style.

Summer Palace’ fried crispy beef (what we would normally call Beef Jerky) is crispy, sweet, salty, and different levels of umami. If you have just tired yourself of the usual Silog fare, try pairing their fried crispy beef with a hearty serving of fried rice with shredded dried scallops, crabmeat, and egg white. Now that you’ve eaten the appetizer as a main course, order a bowl of chilled pomelo fruits in wasabi sauce and ‘Unicorn style’ roasted duck with mango fruits as your appetizer instead. 

Asian Dragon - Beef Jerky, pomelo, duck copy
Clockwise from top left: Fried crispy beef, roasted duck with mango fruits ‘Unicorn-style’, and chilled pomelo fruits in wasabi sauce

If you’re ready to dig into your Jerksilog but you found that your mom (or whoever you took with you) do not fancy a beef dish, throw a plate of fried king prawn balls coated with cornflakes or pan-fried codfish fillet in light soy sauce her way. We have been using crushed cornflakes in fish batter for so long now (do so if you haven’t tried yet, it adds a certain flavor to fish fillet dishes) but the fried king prawn balls with cornflakes is just genius. The creaminess and delicacy of the huge prawns is balanced with the crunch of the cornflakes, accompanied by a light sauce. This one we’re absolutely going back for.

Asian Dragon - King prawn with cornflakes
Fried king prawn balls coated with cornflakes
Asian Dragon - fish
Pan-fried codfish fillet in light soy sauce

Finish your meal with chilled fresh mango cream with sago, which is light and fruity and everything in between. You can also grab a helping of deep-fried crispy sesame balls (or more commonly known as buchi), which is one of the most perfectly prepared buchis we’ve ever had. The crust is crispy and gooey at the same time, and the paste inside is not too umay. Perfect with the mango cream.

Asian Dragon - mango sago
Chilled fresh mango cream with sago
Asian Dragon - buchi
Deep-fried crispy sesame balls

If you’re a regular at Summer Palace or have yet to try the experience (no way!), take note that Summer Palace is going to close down for renovation by June 1, 2016. Operations will be temporarily relocated at The Marquee on the second level of the Tower Wing, so don’t fret. Tables will be even harder to come by now that Summer Palace will be taking a hiatus so book a reservation now at the Edsa Shangri-La website or contact tel. no. 633 8888 ext. 2929.

See you at the Palace!


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