Ready for Takeoff: Makeup essentials for a long-haul flight


Whether you’re heading to a quick getaway or about to spend weeks abroad, here are secret (beauty) weapons to stow in your luggage to prevent travel woes.

Packing is no easy task, especially for those who enjoy bringing multiple sartorial options. Staying within one’s baggage allowance demands, most of the time, leaving unnecessary things behind. However, make sure you allocate some space for your beauty essentials in both your carry-on and check-in baggage. The key is to pick multitasking products.

Long-haul flights can wreak havoc on the skin, so always carry a toiletry kit with you. Wear as little makeup as possible, especially if you’re a sleeper.

Prior to boarding, make sure you prep your skin with a good eye cream, moisturizer, and sunblock. I first apply Shiseido Ultimune Eye around the eye contour, followed by La Prairie Advanced Marine Eye Gel. The former increases the immunity of the delicate skin around the eye area and acts as a booster, making the succeeding eye products more effective. La Mer Moisturizing Gel Cream is my go-to moisturizer, as its lightweight gel formula suits my oily skin type the best. Never skip on sunscreen, as the intensity of UV rays increases with altitude. I apply a generous amount of my favorite sunblock gel from The Aivee Clinic and make sure my lips are hydrated with Carmex lip balm. Whenever you’re on board, always remember the basics: hydrate and protect.

You’ll have to remove your makeup at some point, most likely before you take a nap. I wouldn’t recommend lathering up in the lavatory with a traditional cleanser and water. Instead, with a cotton pad or facial tissue, use a gentle micellar water like Origins’ Dr. Andrew Weil MegaMushroom Micellar Cleanser (transfer to a travel-size bottle) to effectively cleanse the skin of oil, dirt, and makeup. You can also use removing wipes like Murad Clarifying Wipes. Try putting on a sheet mask like Kracie Hadabisei All in One Facial Mask before you sleep and leave it on. After taking it off, apply your eye cream, moisturizer, and sunblock right away. Don’t forget to put some on your hands, too!

The lack of moisture in the plane’s recirculated air dries out the skin. Once you feel your skin tighten, spritz on mist, like Avene Thermal Spring Water, to hydrate. You may want to put on a deep moisturizer like La Mer Revitalizing Mask after two movies or so, and when the skin feels dry.

For a good night’s sleep, massage a pea-sized amount of Origins Peace of Mind onto the temples.

That’s just the start, especially when you’re heading to a colder, drier region. Your wardrobe isn’t the only thing that requires an overhaul. A drastic shift in temperature requires a tweak in your skincare routine, too, as your warm weather formulas won’t cut it in the extreme cold.

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