Editor’s Pick: M.A.C Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour


I personally love matte lipsticks. 90 percent of the lipsticks in my beauty arsenal are matte, whether they are lipsticks, lip crayons, or liquid lipsticks. I got my first liquid lipstick at Sephora around five years ago, and the ultra-longwearing formula got me hooked.

Liquid lipsticks are taking over the beauty world by storm and one by one, makeup brands have been coming up with their own. It’s just about time that beauty giant M.A.C release its version of the popular lipstick formula.

I first got a glimpse of M.A.C Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour on Senior Artist Romero Jennings’ Instagram account a few months back. I already knew what those tubes were. The only question was, when will they be released—or will they ever be?

I received a press release last November hinting at the moment I was waiting for. January 2016 was the indicated date. Can’t time go any faster?

I got hold of my first Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour tube last January 26 and as expected, it was love at first sight.

I liked the packaging, reminiscent of the Lipglass tube but with the classic M.A.C lipstick cap. The wand is short and gives you a good grip, making application easier and more precise. The size of the flat dome applicator is just right and covers the lips in just one swipe. The slightly pointed tip also helps ensure a precise line, meaning you don’t have to use a lip liner to perfect the edges.

Asian Dragon - mac - A closer look at the applicator
A closer look at the applicator

One dip into the tube is more than enough to cover your lips since the formula’s highly-pigmented. For starters, apply one coat on your lower lip and purse your lips together, and finish off by applying product on the remaining spaces.

The consistency is neither too runny nor too thick, and dries down to a full, flat matte finish within a minute. The product applies smoothly onto the skin without (or very minimal) streaking. Once it completely dries, the product won’t move, transfer, smear, or budge. It lasted for more than five hours on my lips. I did notice slight cracks, though, especially when I smile or move my lips too much and when applied too thickly. However, it doesn’t flake off in chunks and the product fades evenly, especially around the center of the mouth.

Swatches upon application (From top to bottom: Back In Vogue, Feels So Grand, Quite The Standout, Tailored To Tease)
Swatches upon application (From top to bottom: Back In Vogue, Feels So Grand, Quite The Standout, Tailored To Tease)
Asian Dragon - mac - Swatches of the product once dry
Swatches of the product once dry

As most liquid matte lipsticks, the Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour tends to dry the lips after a few hours, hence, it isn’t recommended for those with dry/chapped lips. But if you’re used to matte lipsticks, it feels quite comfortable. I suggest prepping your lips with a lip balm at least an hour before use or use a lip primer like M.A.C Prep + Prime Lip.

It also has a faint vanilla scent but that wasn’t really a problem for me.

Half of the 15 shades are already available in stores nationwide and the remaining ones will arrive in March. Each retails at P1,250 and will be a permanent line of M.A.C. Hurry, though, as these sell out really fast!


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