Margarita ‘Gaita’ Fores is raising the Filipina flag


Chef Margarita ‘Gaita’ Fores is the genius behind famous Italian restaurant Cibo, the luxurious Lusso, the fresh farm-to-table Grace Park, and Alta in Ascott, not your usual hotel fare. Now, she has added more to her plate, having been proclaimed as Asia’s Best Chef by Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards.

Chef Gaita she stood last year as the headline speaker at the first and only Asian edition of the international gastronomy congress, Madrid Fusion Manila, and was one of the two chefs that was given the honor of serving leaders from all over the world at the recently-concluded APEC welcome dinner. She was also announced as the newest brand ambassador of Destileria Limtuaco for Manille Liqueur de Dalandan, having pitched the idea of the new Manille variety herself to Olivia Limpe-Aw.

Chef Gaita Fores at the dalandan farm in Mindoro

“I’ve been blessed with a few opportunities in the recent years to be able to present Filipino cuisine and products abroad; and being able to showcase the best from our country has always made me proud. But having encountered such products as Manille Liqueur de Dalandan, I think that it has brought this advocacy of mine full circle,” Gaita shares.

Asian Dragon congratulates Gaita Fores for again bringing the Filipino talent to the international spotlight as she becomes the first chef from the Philippines to bring home the recognition.



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