EventsCheers to the spirited union of Brandon and Meryl!

Cheers to the spirited union of Brandon and Meryl!

It was a truly memorable wedding party in every way


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When the groom’s mother, Olivia Limpe-Aw, a prominent figure in the publishing and the business worlds, curates her son’s wedding, you can expect nothing short of an epic celebration that will draw the country’s elite and influencers.

Bride and groom Meryl Nolasco Aw and Brandon Limpe-Aw

Brandon, the youngest son of Olivia and Benny Aw, and Meryl Christine S. Nolasco, the fourth daughter of Peter and Josephine Nolasco, sealed their four-year romance in an unforgettable ceremony. Brandon expressed, “I find your ability to tolerate me amusing because not everyone can handle someone like me. Despite our stubborn moments and highs and lows, I found my perfect companion!”

Aw family: Aaron Limpe-Aw, Maika Aw, Madison Limpe-Aw, Benny Aw, Brandon Limpe-Aw, Art Limpe-Aw, Olivia Limpe-Aw, Clifford Limpe-Aw
The Aw-Nolasco entourage: (first row) Bailey Aw, Zoe Carrancho, Brielle Lorenzana, Cassidy Lorenzana, Marvin Fernando, Mark De Leon, Jedwyn Tiu, and Manny Pineda;  (second row) Cheska Nolasco-Lorenzana, Karla Manuel, Colleen Fernando, Maureen Limpe-Tañedo, Caitlin Nolasco, Nikki Nolasco-Tan, Meryl Nolasco Aw, Brandon Limpe-Aw, Aaron Limpe-Aw, Art Limpe-Aw, Kevin Lim, Clifford Limpe-Aw, and Jett Manuel; (third row) Jia Buenaventura, Alyssa Tan, Ava Chiu Wan, Ara Bactat, Celina Nolasco-Carrancho, Kevin Ang, Jake Amigo Chan, Jacob Alava, Gere Co, Sean Lao, and Miles Que
Nolasco family: Caitlin Nolasco, Guji Lorenzana, Cassidy Lorenzana, Cheska Nolasco-Lorenzana, Brielle Lorenzana, Jocelyn Nolasco, Meryl Nolasco Aw, Peter Nolasco, Zoe Carrancho, Celina Nolasco-Carrancho, Jc Carrancho, Nikki Nolasco-Tan, Taron Tan, Jason Tan

As a member of the sixth generation of the country’s oldest distillery, Destileria Limtuaco

& Co., Inc., Brandon, known as a “party animal” and national sales manager, ensured the wedding was one big party from start to end. The wedding procession at Santuario de San Antonio was a grand affair with eight pairs of godparents, 13 pairs for the entourage, and delightful bearers and flower girls.

Principal sponsors: (first row) Amelia Chua, Susana T. Vergara, Carmelita M. Talusan, Sen. Imee R. Marcos, Peter Nolasco, Jocelyn Nolasco, Meryl Nolasco Aw, Brandon Limpe-Aw, Olivia Limpe-Aw, Benny Aw, Eric Puno, Sen. Gregorio Honasan, Adamson A. Bactat; (second row) Julie Chung, Judy K. Bactat, Arlene V. Gotianse, Josephine Tan Co, director John M. Simon, Mayor Benjie B. Magalong, Victoriano Y. Borromeo, Xavier Lao, Ceasar L. Gotianse

The Grand Hyatt Hotel’s Grand Ballroom transformed into a Tuscany-inspired grand party, thanks to the creative touch of the country’s top event stylist Teddy Manuel. Bran’s

Pub, an Instagrammable rustic bar designed and built by the Destileria Limtuaco team, served signature cocktails throughout the night, and Meryl’s Café, a charming coffee cart by Fat Seed Café + Roastery, added unique touches to the celebration. Guests enjoyed the Magazine Box by Signarama and the impressive grazing table and eat-all-you-can Prifoods’

Snackers chips, while serenaded by the tunes of the Skills band and comfortably seated on picnic tables.

Styling by Teddy Manuel, Mery’s Cafe by The Fat Seed, and the Magazine Box by Signarama
Five-layer cake by Penk Ching
Bran’s Pub with Destileria Limtuaco products
Wedding giveaway and menu

Jenny Lim from The Wedding and Events Company seamlessly coordinated the program, ensuring guests remained entertained throughout the evening hosted by Sam YG. The lively entrance of the entourage, surprising dance performances, and the couple’s graceful first dance to May I Have This Dance by Chance the Rapper made it an animated and delightful night. The surprise guest appearance by internet sensation Dante Gulapa brought the house down.

Entertainer Dante Gulapa with groomsmen

The open kitchen’s unveiling was the prelude to the Chinese banquet featuring a joint creation by Grand Hyatt Manila and Destileria Limtuaco, which showcased a blend of authentic Chinese culinary masterpieces and the company’s Philippine Craft Spirits

Line, resulting in a symphony of flavors that greatly impressed the guests. During dinner, guests listened to talented singer Ira Marasigan, accompanied by renowned composer/arranger Tats Faustino on the keyboard, followed by a song number by the bride’s brother-in-law, international music executive Guji Lorenzana.

Guji Lorenzana, Tats Faustino with Ira Marasigan

The program concluded with a Same Day Edit photo and video by Pat Dy and Jason

Magbanua respectively, providing a delightful recap of the beautiful day.

More than 200 guests kept the celebration going until 1 am, as guests enjoyed the beats from the country’s top wedding DJs—Rammy Bitong, Migs Santillan, and the groom himself—alongside Hypeman MC Ron Thug, and extending the festivities until 4 am.

Here’s to a spirited night, both literally and figuratively, filled with warmth, joy, laughter, tears, great food, and lively entertainment—a truly memorable wedding party!

(Seated) USec. DV Savellano, Rick Vitug, Justice Jose C. Vitug (ret.), Justice Vincent V. Mendoza and wife Prof. Thelma Lee Mendoza; (standing) Carlos Ley, DBP Dir. Inday Arcenas, Arseniy Astapenko, Olivia Limpe-Aw, and Consul Annette Ablan
(Seated) Rowena M. Tomeldan, Evelyn Thai, Grace Glory Go, Agile Zamora and Wopsy Zamora; (standing) Atty. Gabby Tomeldan, Johnny Thai, Luisa Co, Olivia Limpe-Aw and Benny Aw
(Seated) Roxanne Siy, Christina Cobankiat, Zsa Zsa Yu, Irene Yap, Jasmin Sy; (standing) Greg Yu, Conrad Siy, Eddie Cobankiat, Kenneth Yap, Olivia Limpe-Aw and Andy Sy
Doris Magsaysay-Ho and Baguio Mayor Benjie Magalong
 Bohol Alturas’ Uy family: Kourtney, Ma. Lyn Clara, Atty. Cheryln, Karen and Raymond Uy, CDO’s Jerome Ong
 Therese and Tony Tan of LCC Supermarket
Mark and Patricia Gomez of KJ Fairmart
 Robert Tan, Joseph Yao, Edison Tan and Benito Tan Tiong Bo
 Philip Tan, Leoncio Sau, Eddie Tan, Alex Ong, Geoffrey Ip, Ramon Tan
 Peter Song, Victoriano Borromeo, William Ong, Wilaon So, Dasen Chen, Alfred Chua
 Daniel Tan, Sandra Tan, Theresa Tan, Danica and Denz Villegas
 Philip Nolasco, Benny Aw, Santos Ting, Shinji Tanaka, Arnel Chung, Raymond Tan, Erique Tan, Paul Chua, Perry Yao, Peter Chen, Benson Uy Tuazon, Peter Nolasco
 Evangeline Chua, Evelyn Ong, Christina Sison, Margie Uy, Mia Chen
 Tina Yap, Romana Yap, Johnny Yap
 Roger and Milan Co, Susan Yao, Robert Ong, Daniel and Grace Lin, Michael Mikimae Tan, Susan and Vicente Aquilino


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