Pres.Duterte dines with the Japanese Prime Minister Abe: See what they served 


Determined to strengthen relationship with the eastern super nations, President Rodrigo RoaDuterte flew to Japan last week to seal deals with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The two leaders first met in Laos during the ASEAN Summit last September.

Duterte, who’s known for his preference for simpler cuisine, happens to be fond of Japanese food, which the prime minister happily noted. Abe hosted a banquet for the Philippine president and delegation in his private residence last Wednesday, October 26.  Here’s what’s on the menu:*

Deep-fried Ise-Ebi lobster

Crispy thin-sliced chestnut

Deep-fried Gingko nut

Cheese flavored Kudzu starch curd with simmered prawn, caviar and chervil atop, Sesame and Dashi sauce

Saki-steamed clam, Udo and Wakegi green onion dressed with mustard-vinegar Miso sauce

Pickled beach silvertop stem

Saury quenelle and Maitake mushroom with Dashi broth served with Sudachi citron, scallion and ginger

Grilled Kobe-beef with asparagus and burdock root

Mustard and soy sauce

Steamed grated turnip dumpling with Kegani crab meat, conger eel, lily bulb and Hon-Shimeji mushroom

Thick Dashi sauce with edible chrysanthemum petals and Yuzu citron zest


Tuna Prawn Sea bream Amberjack Scallop

 Aka-Dashi Miso soup with Tofu, Nameko mushroom, Mitsuba hornwort

 Sweet pickled ginger

 Assorted Fresh Japanese Fruits

Abe was reportedly impressed with Duterte and thinks the president is “very sincere.” He told Duterte, “If you like it, please do come back to Japan as you wish to enjoy another batch of Washoku (Japanese food).”

*Dinner menu was supplied by Davao-based businessman Samuel Uy.


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