Mooncakes made better with tea-infused flavors at TWG Tea


Mooncakes are best paired with aromatic teas, so why not go for one that gives you both?

While we will always love the traditional mooncakes filled with duck yolks and nuts, this mid-autumn festival, treat yourself to unique and exquisite tea-infused flavors with added surprises, like chocolate and citrus.

TWG Tea, known worldwide for its beautiful and luxurious teas, is offering eight showstopper mooncakes that will make your mid-autumn festival more special than usual. TWG Tea’s signature mooncakes come in four traditional and four snowskin mooncake flavors.

These delicate but bold mooncake flavors pair perfectly with TWG Tea’s Festive Night Tea, a green tea variety blended with notes of cherry blossom, sweet aroma of red fruits, and intense warmth of rose petals.

TWG Tea Traditional Mooncakes

Asian Dragon - TWG Tea Traditional Mooncake in Single Box

This iconic signature of the mid-autumn festival holds within a golden crust a smooth and elegant Singapore Breakfast Tea infused brown lotus filling, a scattering of roasted melon seeds and an embedded salted egg yolk heart. A timeless favourite.

Encased in a rich chocolate brown crust, this exclusive TWG Tea mooncake boasts a luxurious dark chocolate orb surrounded by a white lotus paste scattered with decadent Amarena cherry chunks and infused with Paris-Singapore Tea.

Wrapped in a perfectly baked bold red crust, this surprising TWG Tea mooncake features lemon zest and dried mango chunks in an Ivory Palace Tea infused brown lotus paste contrasted by a unique kaffir lime and almond paste heart.

Wrapped in a sumptuous baked crust as dark as the night, this exclusive TWG Tea mooncake showcases an aromatic almond paste centre with crunchy blackcurrants cradled by a white lotus paste infused with Blue Lotus Tea and scattered with dried cranberries.

TWG Tea Snowskin Mooncakes

Asian Dragon - TWG Tea Snowskin Mooncake in Single Box

Emanating the warm glow of a lantern, a brilliant orange snowskin mooncake embellished with a precious gold leaf, conceals a Festive Night Tea infused citrus mousseline that cradles a lavish heart of cherry ganache.

Decked in a skin of creamy celadon, this grand mooncake features a lustrous Sencha infused mousse ornamented with chocolate crumble pieces encasing a milk chocolate ganache centre.

An ethereal satin white snowskin mooncake encases a smooth dark chocolate mousse inflected with the fruity and flowery notes of 1837 White Tea, revealing a heart of tangy blackcurrant marmalade and white chocolate.

Concealed in a black snowskin, this exquisite mooncake reveals a brilliant composition of a light, nutty praline infused with 1837 Black Tea and an oriental burst of glowing orange marmalade in a white chocolate heart.

These TWG Tea mooncakes are available in TWG Tea outlets in Greenbelt 5, Resorts World Manila, Power Plant Mall, Shangri-La Mall, and Central Square, BGC. Visit for more information.


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