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Le Petit Souffle for beginners: French + Japanese = Genius


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When asked, ‘what’s your favorite cuisine?’ how do you answer? Japanese? French? Why choose if you can just have both?

Le Petit Souffle has been around for a few notches short of a year but we still could not get over how genius the whole concept is. Created by mad geniuses Chef Miko Aspiras, Charles Paw, Chef Noel Mauricio, and Kristine Lotilla, Le Petit Souffle continues to draw crowd and fanaticism towards its various crazy good dishes. From the more innocent-looking sandwiches to the more exciting savory souffles, Le Petit Souffle has it all for you. It is, indeed, the perfect marriage of Japanese and French cuisine.

But Le Petit Souffle has an overwhelming menu. It is a host to various genius creations that one simply couldn’t dig into all at once! If it’s your first time coming to Le Petit Souffle, here’s a beginners menu that will give you a taste of the restaurant’s bests, curated by master eater Charles Paw, himself.

For appetizers, wake up your palate with the zing of this deep-fried delicacy. Kinoko Fritas is basically deep-fried enoki and oyster mushrooms, tossed in matcha salt and served with Tonkotsu mayo. Forget fries! This is the new deep-fried craze that should shake the town. But if you’re expecting an oily bite, you will be disappointed. The Kinoko Fritas is perfectly fried and patted dry so there will be no dripping oil to the bite nor will it become soggy after it touches the table. (Note: Kinoko Fritas are not served with smartphones, only dips.)

Asian Dragon - Kinoko Fritas
Kinoko Fritas

And like all decent human beings, one should start the meal with a good ol’ salad. If you’re looking for a healthy and fresh welcome, the Honey citrus salad is beautiful and balanced with vegetables, fruits, and candied walnuts. Save your meats for later! This salad is spicy and sour, crunchy and soft, and different levels of interesting.

Asian Dragon - Honey Citrus Salad
Honey Citrus Salad

This menu will serve you two highlights (and ultimate bestsellers, to boot) to give you a choice between seafood and meat. First is for the seafood lover: the Squid ink rice. If the name sounds too boring for you, don’t fear. To the sight, to the smell, and to the taste, it is in no way boring and ordinary.

On top is a generous helping of seafood consisting of shrimps, squids, and clams. Shimeji mushrooms are also scattered along the seafood line, right across a heaping serving of soft and heavenly scrambled egg. Underneath the flavorful and creamy fiesta is a bed of delicious, squid-ink rice. Think squid-ink paella but better. This is definitely omu rice level 100000!

Asian Dragon - Squid ink rice
Squid ink rice

For the more meat person, the quirky Japanese beef curry souffle is for you. Now this is the perfect symbol of Le Petit Souffle. The Japanese beef curry souffle is the perfect harmony of Japanese and French elements, creating a beautiful and delectable dish. Poke the fluffy cheese souffle and inside you will find US beef short plate and Japanese short grain rice drenched in Japanese curry sauce. The experience of this dish is phenomenal, there are no words. It’s new, it’s innovative, it’s crazy—but it’s wicked delicious.

Asian Dragon - Japanese beef curry souffle
Japanese beef curry souffle

A perfect ending to the perfect meal is a light but equally refreshing dessert. If you can’t choose between vanilla or matcha, why not choose both? The Matcha and vanilla swirl (not as melted as you see in this photo) will be ten times better and more appetizing than your regular ice cream treat. It is not too sweet and the right kind of creamy. The matcha flavor gives the vanilla a whole new punch.

Asian Dragon - Matcha and vanilla swird
Matcha and vanilla swirl

After the meal, if you’re satisfied (which we are sure you will be), come back to Le Petit Souffle to try out their even crazier souffle and food stuff. Take note, they are always adding new items to their menu so keep visiting for a different experience every time.

For now, Le Petit Souffle is only located at the third floor of Century City Mall, Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion, Makati City.


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