Average temperature could spike by 6 degrees by end of century


Did you know that according to studies, if the world continued to run at its industrial and eco-harmful pace, average temperature all over the world could rise by 6 degrees by the end of this century?

Here in the metro, summer days are almost unbearable. This week alone, the average hottest temperature is as high as 34° C, and they say it’ll get even hotter come April and May. Imagine; this kind of temperature will even have to rise by 6 more degrees. We might as well be banana cue!

This is why a lot of groups and organizations are persistent to prioritize green and eco-friendly efforts. Concepcion Industrial Corporation (CIC), through its subsidiary Concepcion-Carrier Air Conditioning Company (CCAC), is one of the companies prioritizing the need to lessen the carbon footprints of their company and customers by launching the Green Footprints Movement.

Asian Dragon - CCAC
Christine Dychiao; Dr. Eva S. Ocfemia, assistant director, Department of Environment and Natural Resources – Environmental Management Bureau (DENR-EMB); Marc Nelson, Philippine national ambassador, World Wide Fund (WWF) for Nature; Raul Joseph Concepcion, CEO, CIC; Rafael Hechanova, Jr., EVP for business development, CIC; and Harold Pernikar, Jr., director of consumer solutions group, CCAC

The Green Footprints Movement is an initiative by CCAC to educate the public on how they can make small but equally substantial contributions with regards to the responsible use of electricity and home appliances, which, in turn, would affect their own carbon footprints.

CCAC is already doing its part by improving their own recycling programs, water consumption, and waste disposal. The company is also the first Philippine manufacturer to convert its refrigerators into using environment-friendly refrigerants back in 1995. To date, 96 percent of Carrier products are already using eco-friendly refrigerants. By the end of this year, CCAC is looking to convert all their air-conditioning products into eco-friendly products, even ahead of the global deadlines set by the Montreal Protocol for the eventual elimination of ozone-depleting substances.

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Last March 10, CCAC invited several friends from the media and other VIPs to witness the launch of the Green Footprints Movement. Held at the Black Bird restaurant in Makati, the event encouraged everyone to start planting with the small re-potting area in the venue, with plants such as mint, thyme, lavender, peppermint, and other handy spices and leaves.

Asian dragon - Start taking care of a peppermint or thyme plant
Start taking care of a peppermint or thyme plant

CCAC is the official carrier of the Carrier brand from the US. Formed by the Carrier Corporation of the US and CIC, CCAC is one of the leaders in all heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning equipment and services in the country. It is also a proudly Filipino brand, servicing and exporting to over 170 countries all over the world.


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