A merry Lexus Christmas: Celebrate the holidays with a brand new set of wheels


Lexus has just recently revamped its showroom to a more expansive and lavish display of its luxury cars, making way for the entry of two of Lexus’ most beautiful and cutting-edge SUVs—the RX 350 and the LX 570—and just in time for Christmas, too!

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Asian Dragon was there on the launch of the RX 350 and the LX 570, and they are indeed the new generation of luxury. On the exterior of the RX 350 is Lexus’ signature spindle grille, featuring a chrome-plated border and triple L-shaped LED headlamps, accompanied by 18 individual LEDs that surround the headlights. Enveloped with a highly scratch-resistant self-restoring coat in the body paint, the car’s outside is made to weather not only the worst of weathers but also the usual scratches from car washes and fingernail marks.


Inside the car is a magnificent fuel-efficient and emission-reduced hybrid engine, rated at 291 hp at 6300 rpm with 360 Nm of torque at 4700 rpm. A 3.5-liter direct-injected gasoline-powered V-6 engine variant is also available.

Safety is also paramount in a Lexus car. During a crash, not one, not two, but numerous airbags release from the front passenger, the driver’s knee, the rear side, the front side, and the full-length side curtain, to protect both the front and rear passengers.

The Lexus LX 570, on the other hand, is a bigger and badder RX. A more aggressive grille is on the front of this bad machine, carrying an eight-speed automatic transmission in place of the former six-speed for enhanced performance and efficiency. Four-drive modes dictate the vehicle’s performance, all tailored to the needs of the drive: Eco mode adjusts powertrain responses and air conditioning to prioritize fuel-efficient driving; Comfort mode optimizes AVS damping to help deliver the smoothest ride possible; Sport S mode dials up powertrain response and dials down power steering assist to yield a sportier driving feel; and Sport S+ mode adds firmer damping control from AVS to prioritize handling agility.


The ultimate vehicle for long drives, it delivers unparalleled comfort and a crazy entertainment system. The LX carries a dual screen Rear Seat Entertainment System for the rear seat passengers, a new 12.3-inch display with Remote Touch Interface, and a 12.3-inch screen for the driver for navigation and map capability. Operating car conditions like climate and audio, and even phone navigation, is possible through the new Remote Touch Knob controller. What’s there to not love?


The LX and the RX are already available in the market this November, just in time for the family’s Christmas getaway.




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