Philippine food scene turning Japanese: Suyen Corporation (Bench) brings Maisen to the Philippines

Japan has become a popular travel destination, and Filipinos are rediscovering Japanese culture and cuisine. Restaurants that offer ramen to tonkatsu have mushroomed in Manila. Amidst hundreds of brands claiming authentic Japanese taste, Suyen Corporation, which built leading fashion brand Bench, has brought authentic Japanese food to Manila, with the launch of Maisen restaurant. 50 years after the first Maisen restaurant opened in the basement of the Hibiya Mitsui Building in Yurakucho, Japan, it has reached Philippine shores, opening a handful of branches all over the Metro.
In celebration of its 50th year of serving quality Japanese tonkatsu, Maisen launched a branch last October 15 at SM Megamall. In attendance were Bench’s Ben Chan, Suyen Corp. President Virgilio Lim, Vice President for Finance Nenita Lim, and Vice President for Business Development Bryan Lim, among other respectable names in the food industry and social circles.


Bench founder and chairman, Ben Chan; and Izutsu Maisen CEO, Takeshi Okamoto


Suyen Corporations’ Virgilio Lim and Nenita Lim, Asian Dragon Magazine’s Olivia Limpe-Aw and Benny Aw, and Bryan Lim


Asian Dragon tried Maisen’s famous tonkatsu and we thought upon the first bite that Maisen is perfect for the Filipino palette. We Filipinos love fried food. We love meat, especially pork. We love dipping sauces. It’s perfect! The pork is extremely tender. Maisen’s secret? It’s made from pigs who eat either bread or powdered tea leaves. 
Ready to load up on protein? Maisen is the perfect place to take your family for a hearty dinner: tender pork with flavorful sauce on heaps of rice. If you’re on a diet, you can also opt for Maisen’s grab ‘n’ go pork sandwiches. With a variety of choices, and no compromise on quality, Maisen certainly will be another blockbuster hit here in the Philippines. 






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