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Asian Dragon Magazine is a prestige business and lifestyle publication that caters to the respected elite in our society today, presenting the efforts and achievements of the Filipino-Chinese community and also the mainstream business community in the development of our nation. Asian Dragon also features in-depth profiles of the community’s movers and shakers, their character, their ideas and legacies, and entrepreneurial genius. As substance goes hand-in-hand with style, balancing out the business and political sections are the latest lifestyle trends in fashion, beauty, luxury and arts, gadgets and auto motives, dining and entertaining, and the best of travel destinations.

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About Us

Asian Dragon Weddings is a comprehensive guide to planning a Chinese wedding, Asian Dragon Weddings is a must-have for the perfect Chinese wedding. The annual magazine combines articles and features about everything the couple needs to know from the traditional practices and rituals associated with Chinese ting hun and weddings to modern day practices. The magazine covers every detail of your biggest day from wedding fashion, jewelry and beauty trends, putting together the perfect dowry, and choosing an auspicious date, down to wedding etiquette, destination locations, and other valuable information to make your dream wedding come true.


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Foresight Books Publishing is known for producing quality books, supplementary reading materials, and trade books. It has also published highly regarded biographies of prominent Philippine personalities such as the former governor of Ilocos Sur, Luis ‘Chavit’ Singson, entitled The Nine Lives of Luis ‘Chavit’ Singson. It takes pride in the success of its quality magazine titles—Asian Dragon Magazine and Asian Dragon Weddings, catering to different the affluent Filipino-Chinese and mainstream business community.

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