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Where is P-noy taking us?

Two weeks before the SONA, in a rare tête-à-tête with the President of the Republic of the Philippines, Asian Dragon asks Benigno Aquino III...

Entrepreneurial legacy is key to a company’s longevity

There is a Chinese saying that the first generation makes the money, the second generation spends it, and the third generation loses it.  But...

Learning from Filipino resilience and improvisation

A few years back, I had the pleasure of being seated beside Chinese General Hospital’s top surgeon, Dr. Jo Qua, during a vegan lauriat...

Overcoming my cell phone addiction

I must confess: I had become a cell phone junkie, just like my three sons. When dining out, my husband would often reprimand all...

The fountain of youth

Scary, huh? But I guess it is a reality that we all have to face. And my philosophy is, we must accept and embrace aging, and try our best to slow down the process so that we can enjoy quality of life in our middle age, and well into our advanced age.

All in a day’s work

Wednesday, June 20, 2019 started as a rather typical day for me at work. I had started off with my paperwork, checked my email,...

It’s the student, not the school

Due to the “lower” standard of Chinese language education in ICA, we were all downgraded in our Chinese classes. In my case, I was downgraded two years for my Chinese class; I was batch ’81 and finished only second year high school in Chinese class when I graduated high school in 1979. Back then we had half-day English classes and half-day Chinese classes. We didn’t only study Chinese language and literature, we also had math classes conducted in Chinese, and that’s how Chinese students earned the reputation of being better at math—because we actually had to take it twice! That’s the good part of our education in SSHS.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

These days we get from all sorts of news articles, tips, and advice on social media on how keep healthy amidst the current pandemic....

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